UCSA Board

University College Student Association Board Members

UCSA Board Chair

Antoinet van Berkel

Graduating Year

2020 1/2


Psychology, Political Science & Economics with a minor in Statistics



What do I do?

This year, I have the honour to be the Chair of the UCSA board. This means that I am the face of the UCSA board towards outside parties and that I am not only responsible for the general functioning of the board, but also the wellbeing of my fellow board members. In other words, making sure we work hard but love each other and what we do still! Next to that, I make sure we keep up with our long-term goals and objectives. But it first and foremost means that I have the great pleasure to work with a lovely board, meet many amazing people and learn so many new things! UCU is a place I have never felt more home at, and the opportunities to develop yourself in any way are endless! I want to provide the same feeling for every new student entering our gates.

What I like

I like UCU and the great people here! You can find me talking to any person at any time, talking about any topic you can think of. I like having a drink(s) with my friends and getting on my dance in the UCSA bar (nothing can beat a good ABBA song…) . I like dancing in general, especially with my dance crew Outrageous. I have also chaired the Dance Committee and participated in the UCSA musical ‘Ce Soir’. But I mostly like the first sip of cappuccino in Dining Hall on an early morning.