ASC Board

The Academic Student Council

The Academic Student Council, ASC, is UCU’s elected student body that represents student interest in all academic matters. The six members that form the Academic Student Council work together with students, teachers and staff members of ‘College Hall’ in order to “improve the liberal arts and sciences education from a student’s perspective”. ASC is dependent on student involvement in this process thereby holding a range of different research activities; from small-scale discussion groups (focus groups) to large-scale student opinion surveys. ASC also functions as an open source of information for students and facilitates them in their initiatives. ASC holds official position within “College Hall”, the management of UCU. ASC has 4 seats in the College Council, UCU’s co decision-making, advisory body, together with 4 faculty members. It works with the Dean, Director of Education and the Managing Director of UCU policy, such as budget proposals, as well as providing them with advice and consent to changes in the academic rules and regulations. In addition to that, one of the ASC members, as part of the management team, has a seat in the highest decision making body within UCU, the College Board.

Along with these official positions ASC also hold a strong connection with the departments. The Academic Affairs Officers works with the head of departments, fellows and student representatives of track in order to improve individual classes and tracks.

Above all, ASC holds the positions and determination to better this University College, all we need is student involvement and support to make a change.

Academic Student Council Board Members

Yvette Lambi


Yvette is a third year student at UCU. She is half Dutch and half Mexican and loves everything organised and colour-coded.


Irene van de Hoef

Student Assessor

 Irene is a third year student at UCU. She is Dutch and can have a conversation with just about anyone, including with the NS hotline.


Joanna Ndanu


Joanna is a third year student at UCU. She is Kenyan and has a new-found obsession with astrology, she secretly wants a peek at your birth chart.


Laurens Triesscheijn


Laurens is a third year student at UCU. He is Dutch and calls the lovely Zeist home. Go Zeist!


Aysu Amaha Öztürk


Aysu is a second year student at UCU. She is half Turkish and half Japanese, spends her christmases in Dallas and can’t live without coffee and cigarettes.


Sam van der Lugt


Sam is a third year student at UCU. He is half Dutch and half American, he likes doing weird challenges in public to step out of his comfort zone.


Art History & Museum Studies

China Studies

Literature & Classics

Media Studies

Performance Studies

Religious Studies

Cognitive Neuroscience

Earth & Environment

Medical Science

Physics and Double Degree Physics