Academic Student Council

Board Members


Jamie Henderson  (Chair)

Mirre Stevens  (Secretary)

Patricia Jäger  (Science AAO)

Charlotte Levie (Social Science AAO)

Shamyi Lanjouw (Humanities AAO)

Jinrui Zhang (Student Assessor)

The Academic Student Council

The Academic Student Council, ASC, is UCU’s elected student body that represents student interest in all academic matters. The six members that form the Academic Student Council work together with students, teachers and staff members of ‘College Hall’ in order to “improve the liberal arts and sciences education from a student’s perspective”. ASC is dependent on student involvement in this process thereby holding a range of different research activities; from small-scale discussion groups (focus groups) to large-scale student opinion surveys. ASC also functions as an open source of information for students and facilitates them in their initiatives. ASC holds official position within “College Hall”, the management of UCU. ASC has 4 seats in the College Council, UCU’s co decision-making, advisory body, together with 4 faculty members. It works with the Dean, Director of Education and the Managing Director of UCU policy, such as budget proposals, as well as providing them with advice and consent to changes in the academic rules and regulations. In addition to that, one of the ASC members, as part of the management team, has a seat in the highest decision making body within UCU, the College Board.

Along with these official positions ASC also hold a strong connection with the departments. The Academic Affairs Officers works with the head of departments, fellows and student representatives of track in order to improve individual classes and tracks.

Above all, ASC holds the positions and determination to better this University College, all we need is student involvement and support to make a change.

ASC 2017-2018 has committed to the following goals: Increasing Visibility of opportunities and information to students, fostering of an Active Learning Environment in which both students and staff create a proactive space in which students are provided with the tools to take responsibility for their own education, emphasising Diversity by increasing consideration for diverse groups on campus and promote more Interdisciplinarity within courses but also in between tracks and departments. By focussing on these four areas, we hope to contribute to a Positive Learning Environment at UCU.

For each of the fields that we focus on we are creating and introducing projects in collaboration with different bodies at UCU. During this fall semester a lot of our projects involve getting information and data on student and staff expectation and experience at UCU. In the second half of the year we will use this data in order to push for projects that improve possible misconceptions or burning issues. You can find updated information on all our project in our Fortnightly updates we send to your student emails!

We depend on your help to bring forward new ideas and improve your education. Please come and talk to us about any complaints or ideas you might have so we can help you turn them into reality.

There are plenty of ways that students can get involved with ASC! Our work in ASC relies essentially on your involvement as students. The primary and most obvious way that you can get involved is by approaching ASC through facebook, email, or face to face during office hours!!

In addition, you can get involved through ASC’s Focus Group sessions. In these sessions all students are invited to share their experience, troubles and criticisms on a specific track, in order to brainstorm solutions! These suggestions are taken directly to the fellow in charge of the track! Similarly ASC holds Let’s Talk sessions in which students are invited to talk about specific topics including in the past, dining hall, social spaces, and gender imbalances. From these discussions reports are produced which are delivered to the college management team.

Lastly, Q&A sessions with the Management Team of the entire college can be organised each semester based on campus wide issues brought to light by the students. Here all your questions can be answered by the Dean and management team themselves!

All initiatives to get involved in start with you, and what ideas or suggestions you have!

This is your chance to make a difference on campus. This is where you can engage yourself and become a part of the Academic Student Council. This is where you can change the academics on our campus for the better.

ASC is a student body elected by you – the students. This means that anyone can run for any ASC position they wish and then the student body decides through voting. This happens towards the end of each academic year, so around April.

ASC has huge power and responsibility when it comes to the functioning of academics on campus. Therefore we need 6 new students eager to improve the liberal arts and sciences education at UCU.

Voting Process:

  • Campaigning starts (Things like a Facebook page, posters, rallying, everything that comes with running for office)
  • Election Statements due
  • Debates and UC Radio shows are held
  • Election GA with speeches
  • Voting – at GA but also online
  • Transition

If you are interested, then please approach us or contact us at