Hi! Welcome to our page! For those who wonder who we are and what we do: here’s a small introduction to us!

We are Attitude, one of the two official dance teams at UCU. Attitude is all about going beyond just doing ‘steps’, and learning how to draw in and move the audience while showing your own identity and creativity through dance performances! Every choreography we do is a story that you fill in, and we are story tellers. In Attitude we try on different skins and challenge ourselves to dare to be out there, shining on stage in your own unique way!

It can be scary to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to dancing and performing. That is why Attitude’s most important values are shared trust within the crew, and no shame in trying something new! Because more than anything, we want you to get up on that stage with a confidence that lasts long after the dance classes are over.

In this group we experiment with our own expressions, styles and attitudes in order to best bring forward the choreography and it’s message! To be able to explore both ourselves and the music the fullest, we are not tied down to one style only. In Attitude we may switch from Female Hip Hop to Modern and from Urban to Jazz or contemporary: we always try to pick two songs which are distinct from one another and can be best performed in different styles. In one semester, we will make two choreos which we will eventually perform in front of our friends and families at the dance show!

Over the last semesters we’ve made a name for ourselves and are known to empower. And though we we’re proud to be called out by the campus theatre group Super Sticky Services as the dance team with all the ‘Female empowerment’ choreos, we would like to stress that we are not a girls-only team. (Special shout out to our main man Pepijn who was the first guy to join the team!) So boy or girl: everyone is welcome and prior dance experience is definitely not required! Attitude is a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun! If you’re curious about this group, shoot us a message or come and join one of our open classes!

Lots of love from Attitude!