CAR Board

The Campus Affairs Representatives

The Campus Affairs Representatives (CAR) is a supportive body on the UCU campus that aims to inform and help students with all things campus related, whilst helping to improve the communication between the student body and the college management.

The CAR board consists of three official board members: a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, who are elected by the students on campus yearly. CAR operates by splitting up different portfolios, where projects and tasks are designated.

In the year 2020-2021, the Campus Affairs Representatives ha selected the following six portfolios; House, Catering, Facilities and Security, Energy and Sustainability, Establishing CAR, Accessibility.

These portfolios are the wide variety of topics that CAR works on.

For many people campus is the core of their student experience, serving as their living, academic, and social hub for several years. To make sure everyone living on campus can do so comfortably, CAR is available for suggestions, questions, support, and anything else.

Campus Affair Representatives Board Members

Willem Grootonk


Willem is a third-year student at UCU from the Netherlands. Willem grew up in the more rural east of the country but is currently greatly enjoying the international setting of UCU. As an Earth Sciences student, Willem is passionate about sustainability and would love to promote sustainable living on campus. Willem spends most of his free time with friends, but also enjoys photography and filming.


Sam de Visser


Sam is a third-year Dutch student. He hails from the Zeeland province in the southwest of the Netherlands, a rural province characterised by sea, islands and fisheries, quite different from Utrecht! When not doing CAR, Sam can be found hanging out with friends, walking places, watching movies or hiding his phone in a book so he seems like an intellectual who reads.


Averly Kaur


Averly is a third-year student at UCU who grew up in Mexico City. Going to UCU has broadened her horizons and has given her the opportunity to flourish within an international environment. Find her at the college bar hanging out with some friends or in the art room making some paintings.