CAR Board

The Campus Affairs Representatives

The Campus Affairs Representatives (CAR) is a supportive body on the UCU campus tasked with informing and helping students with all things campus, whilst helping to improve the communication between the student body and the college management.

The CAR board consists of three board members: a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, elected by the students on campus annually. CAR operates based on a portfolio system, among which projects and tasks are categorised. Each new CAR board must decide which portfolios they will be focusing on throughout the upcoming year.

In the year of 2019-2020, the Campus Affairs Representative have selected the following six portfolios: Housing, Catering, Facilities & Security, Energy & Sustainability, Establishing CAR, and Wellbeing & Accessibility. These portfolios provide us with a wide variety of topics and challenges for which we will be working hard to come with, and lobby for, solutions.

For many people campus is the core of their student experience, serving as their living, academic, and social hub for several years. To make sure everyone living on campus can do so comfortably, CAR is available for suggestions, questions, support, and anything else.

Campus Affair Representatives Board Members

Tama Schreurs


Tama is a third year student at UCU and grew up in a small village in the east of the Netherlands. Now, however, he is a student with an international outlook that wants to make living on campus as enjoyable as possible for all students. Find him in the bar with some friends, or studying on the grass next if not working hard on chairing CAR!


Anna Korevaar


Anna is a second year student at UCU and although she grew up in Holland and in Ireland, she considers Holland and especially UCU as her home. She loves to swim, hang out with friends, watch a good movie and working hard with the rest of her amazing board.


Dirk Bijleveld


Dirk is a second year student at UCU from the Netherlands and wants to explore and try out everything on campus! Next to being the treasurer of CAR, he is a proud member of the Bar Committee, running the UCSA Bar on campus. He loves spending long nights here with friends.