CAR Board

The Campus Affairs Representatives

The Campus Affairs Representatives (CAR) board is a supportive body at UCU which aims to inform and help students with all things campus related, whilst also maintaining communication between the student body and the college management. Our board consists of three official members: a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, who are elected by the UCU student body each year. CAR operates by dividing our tasks into different portfolios, in which we carry out projects to improve campus.

In 2021-22, CAR will be working within the following seven portfolios:

  • Housing
  • Catering
  • Facilities & Security
  • Sustainability
  • Establishing CAR
  • Wellbeing & Accessibility
  • Future Campus 

If you want to know more about the individual portfolios, click here.

For most students, campus serves as the core of their time at UCU, as a residential, academic, and social hub. To make sure everyone living on campus can do so comfortably, CAR is available for any recommendations, questions, concerns, or other feedback. Message us on Facebook or send us an E-Mail!

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Campus Affair Representatives Board Members

Cian Costello


Cian is a second year student majoring in Earth & Environment and Urban Geography. He is from Ireland. He enjoys playing basketball or volleyball with others or going into the Utrecht city centre. You will often find him in the UCSA Bar too!


Karolien van Pul


Karolien is a second year and halfway through her time at UCU. Although she’s from Noord-Brabant (in the south of the Netherlands), she’s moved around a couple countries throughout Europe. She enjoys playing volleyball and going to the campus gym, but can also often be found hanging out with friends at the UCSA bar attempting to play darts.


Selma Choden


Selma is a second year student at UCU, majoring in Politics and Philosophy. Selma is from Bhutan. She enjoys crochet, baking and listening to music.