CAR Board

Campus Affairs Representatives Board Members

CAR Board Treasurer

Dirk Bijleveld

Graduating Year 



Political Science and Economics



What do I do?

I’m the treasurer and PR manager for CAR 2019-2020. I’m involved in the Sustainability portfolio, the establishment of our board, and I am part of the CampusCo team (UCSA, ASC, CAR) working on our (ideal) future campus. I find working on CAR absolutely slamming, as it gives an amazing insight into the inner workings of Campus, and it’s great to work with people on improving our lives here. 

What I like?

I love the community aspects of this Campus. There’s so much to do here and I’m planning on doing (almost) all of it! You’ll find me in improv shows, hanging or bartending in our very own student-run bar, and of course in the occasional class. I’m really into politics (both applied and theoretical) and have found a great mix with Political Economics. It’s really fun to apply theory to real world scenarios, and the field I have chosen to major in really offers me what I’m looking for!