UC Student Council Board Members

UC Student Council Student Assessor

Emma Verbeek



Graduating year

2023 1/2


Political Science and Human Geography with a minor in History





What I do?

As Student Assessor (SA) I am part of UCU’s Management Team together with the Dean, Managing Director, and Director of Education. In Management Team meetings, I bring a student perspective to all managerial decisions ranging from the college budget to discussion about diversity to UCU’s long term strategy. You can therefore come to me if you have any suggestions for improving the way UCU is run. As a member of the Management Team, I am also invited to Coordination Team (formerly Crisis Team) meetings in which we discuss everything related to online education, the pandemic, and all other coordination matters of UCU. Additionally, as SA, I am part of the Board of Studies (BoS) together with our BoS AAO Johan, the Director of Education, and the Cluster Chairs. Here we approve new courses and shape UCU’s curriculum on a large scale. Furthermore, since every faculty of Utrecht University has a Student Assessor, we all come together in the College van Utrechtse Assessoren. In the CvUA we keep each other up to date and exchange advice. The Assessor is thus part of a lot of different groups, which allows me to give the Student Council insight into the inner workings of UCU and the university. Lastly, as the SA I am also vice-chair of the UC Student Council, and work together with my board on a wide range of projects and initiatives.

What I like?

Friends and family are extremely important to me, and I love spending time with them. Hosting dinners, going out for brunch or coffee, visiting other cities, or traveling abroad are all things I love to do with friends. I also love playing volleyball and have done sailing my whole life as well. Learning new things and new languages, and especially meeting new people are things I truly enjoy! In my time at UCU, I have loved taking up governance positions, and alongside being SA of the Student Council right now I am also Chair of the UCSA Acquisition Committee, which organizes events with large companies to raise money for UCU’s scholarship fund. I love investing time and energy into projects I believe in and that I’m passionate about, but of course I love to enjoy my free time as well.