Establishment of CAR

The Campus Affairs Representatives are a relatively new Board on Campus. Because of this there are still some hurdles to pass for our Board to be more recognised, both by the student body and College Hall. The Establishment of CAR portfolio was made in order to keep the Board active on always advancing its position on Campus so it may better help the student body. Activities included in this portfolio may include meeting with new organisations and people, organising events to promote CAR, and Public Relations to the student body. 

In the past year great strides have been made to advance CAR’s position, of which we are incredibly grateful. For example: almost half the student body showed up to vote for the last CAR elections, a great turnout! (25% more than the turnout for the European Parliament Elections in the Netherlands, effectively making them more important than the EU Parliament… Right?)

If you have opinions on how CAR is doing, suggestions on how it can better promote itself, or any other comment on CAR? It is welcome on Facebook or through the CAR email