Facilities & Security

The communal areas and facilities on Campus are vital to our Campus life. The organisation of these areas is very complex, because some are owned and managed by Lekstede, UU, UCU, or even the UCSA. CAR seeks to mediate with all of these groups to make sure these facilities best service the students for which they are meant.

With our open-gate policy, allowing our neighbours to enjoy our beautiful Campus with us, we also open the door on some more nefarious strangers. Unfortunately some of these people have been known to steal from us, which we take very seriously. The Security portfolio aims to improve the communication between the UCU Security staff and the Campus’s inhabitants. Luckily crime is still incredibly rare on our Campus, but we must always remain vigilant to prevent any other occurrences. 

If you have any comments, suggestions, or opinions on the Facilities & Security portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or at campusaffairs.ucu@gmail.com. If you need assistance from (non-)Emergence Security, you can contact them directly by calling:

Emergencies: +31 30 253 4444

Non-emergencies: +31 30 253 1300

You can read more on this on the “(non-)Emergency Security” page.