UCSA Board

University College Student Association Board Members

UCSA Board Treasurer

Folke van der Veen

Graduating Year

2020 1/2


Economics and Political Science



What do I do?

As the treasurer of the UCSA, I keep track of and manage all the finance-related issues within our association. Besides, as treasurer you bring the money perspective in discussions of the board and committees. Twice a year, we organise a Budget General Assembly where all UCSA members can vote over the budget for the coming year. If you have any questions regarding money and the UCSA, feel free to ask me!

What I like

I love , play tennis at a student association in town and love being around people. Since coming to UCU I have been in EcologiCo, EconCo, AcquiCo and the Auditing Team. Besides involvement in committees I also loved participating in dance classes, trying out all the special beers in the bar and enjoying the sun on the quad. I’m also in the UCU tennis group and always in for a friendly match!