Psychologists and GPs

On this page you can find a good overview of the different options when it comes to finding a psychologist or GP in town. We made a list of some places that were recommended to us by other students. All options facilitate English speaking clients and have their office located in Utrecht.

NOTE: officially you can only make an appointment with a psychologist after getting a recommendation from your GP.

NOTE: Even with an all-coverage insurance you’ll be limited to a number of sessions to be discussed with your insurance beforehand.



Welbewust psycholoog

Address: Nobelstraat 2a
Phone number: +316 456 690 19

Psychologiepraktijk Pijpers

Address: Christiaan Krammlaan 2
Phone details: +316 473 288 22

De Sleutel Utrecht

Address: Johan Buziaulaan 41
Phone details: +316 245 123 60

Expat care 4 U

Address: Monseigneur van de Weteringstraat 1
Phone details: +316 404 750 88



Huisartsenpraktijk Homeruslaan

Address: Homeruslaan 66
Phone number: +3130 251 30 07

Huisartsenpraktijk koningslaan

Address: Koningslaan 61
Phone details: +3130 251 44 54

Huisartsenpraktijk Aletta

Address: Bloemstraat 65
Phone details: +3130 231 27 65