UCSA Board

University College Student Association Board Members

UCSA Board Committee Affairs Officer

Lamarana Barrie

Graduating Year

2020 1/2


Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with two minors or a second major in History and Philosophy.



What do I do?

As a CAO and UCSA board member I’m here to function as a bridge between and represent the interests of all my committees, the UCSA board and the rest of the student body. I’m here to support my committees so that they can continue to create and invent new events and I, of course, try to do my own part by organising events together with my board! But, most importantly, I hope to encourage UCU students to explore their interests, take a risk and get involved. In this way, I hope that together, we can provide the best social environment at UCU possible in which everybody feels at home!

What I like

It may not surprise you that – just like for many other UCU students – academics are super important to me. However, don’t think I spend all my time (procrastinating) in Voltaire! In my free time you can also catch me hanging out with friends, participating in dance classes, listening to any J.Cole song, having drinks in the bar, or running around campus because I am late to a meeting. Other than that, I’ve been involved on campus through the Mathematics, Party and Humanitarian committee, the musical and, now of course, the UCSA board! But, although UCU tends to keep me very busy, I also love a good night in with a movie, a nice dinner (eat lots and lots of fries) and a big cup of tea, or two.