Maarten Diederix

Maarten Diederix is the Jack-of-all-Trades superhero on Campus. He fixes, maintains, prevents, resolves, and communicates countless things on our Campus. For any problem relating to the facilities being damaged or unusable in the communal areas of Campus, contacting Maarten Diederix is the way to go. This includes the academic buildings, DH, and facilities outside of buildings (but still on Campus). 

Diederix is also the only person with the ability to get you back inside your unit if you happen to lose your access key. Please be considerate with contacting Maarten Diederix, as he does live a life outside of Campus, so only contact him if you are have no other option of getting into your unit (so if a unitmate was sitting on the couch right by the door and you still called Maarten Diederix, you might never hear the end of it.).

You can reach Maarten in three ways:

  1. Find him biking across campus, in this case simply approaching him in the fastest way to come in contact with him.
  2. Email him at 
  3. You can contact non-Emergency Security, and they can forward your call to him.