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Max Furda



Graduating Year

2023 1/2


Law & Politics


American & Czech



What I do?

As Secretary of the University College Student Council I have many roles – but more so internal than external. My position combines the roles of a Treasurer, Secretary, and PR Manager into one. My tasks include but are not limited to: taking minutes, managing the finances of the board, monitoring and working on our public relations, scheduling meetings, and keeping track of our boards progress on our various projects, with our lovely Chair Sifra. Externally, I am also a representative on the UCU Council – the body in our College Hall that is responsible for checking the decisions made by the Management Team. Lastly, throughout the year I work with my board on several projects pertaining to wellbeing and communication, which are subjects that I am particularly passionate about. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, then please feel free to reach out to me! 

What I like?

Of course, a lot of my free time revolves around spending time with friends and family. But more specifically I have several core interests. A good amount of my time during each week is geared towards reading and going to the gym – activities which allow me to get rid of stress and make me happy. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new places. In the near future, I hope to acquire an internship in the legal field as I am interested in going into law and politics.