Acquisition Committee

UCU’s very own acquisition committee

What is the Acquisition Committee and what do we do?

Money & Value

In one sentence, the Acquisition Committee gathers funds from external parties to extend the UCSA budget, and also creates non-financial partnerships which are valuable for UCU students.


Having already existed in 2004, the Acquisition Committee was recreated in 2013 and is responsible for gathering funds from external parties for the UCSA. But what does that mean? Basically, in 2013 the UCSA suffered from a budget deficit and to avoid future cuts in our committees’ and teams’ budgets, it needs new money inflows. Many student associations around the world have already established various partnerships with companies, organisations, the government, and local municipality to allow the financing of student activities. Therefore, it is now our turn to approach businesses and organisations to fund the UCSA.

Of course, these companies will not agree to fund our student association without gaining something in return. That’s why we offer to promote them in exchange for their money. There are many ways of doing so, such as the creation and distribution of flyers or posters, and the organisation of workshops and in-house days. We have done promotion for, for which UCU students in return get discount when buying their academic books from Also, we have hosted workshops with Allen & Overy and Ronald Berger and would like to organize different kinds of workshops in the coming year. The Acquisition Committee is here for all UCU students!


Next to gathering funds from external parties, the other main objective of the Acquisition Committee is to start partnerships which are valuable for UCU students. This is why, as mentioned above, we would like to organize events such as workshops which have value for UCU students with different academic interests. To do this, it is important to broaden our focus from the Consultancy and Law sector to other sectors.

An example of such a valuable partnership is with Studelta, with whom we have organized a workshop to improve student’s CV. This example shows that not only monetary inflow is important; value for students is crucial as well. The Acquisition Committee also works together with the UCAA, the University College Alumni Association, in order to help students get in contact with alumni who are doing a masters’ degree or work for a governmental institution, company, or non-profit organisation of interest. By getting in contact with an alumni, you will be able to get a more concrete idea of what that master’s study or job is like that you are interested in.

We hope that you now have a better idea of what the Acquisition Committee does!

P.S.: If you think you know anybody who works for a company, organisation or other that could potentially be of monetary value (or of non-monetary value) to the UCSA, please let us know!

Full list present partners:

  • Allen & Overy
  • Bar Brut
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • City Bus Express
  • Discovery Company
  • Malie Hotel
  • McKinsey
  • Olympos
  • Plan Nederland
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Studelta
  • Travelbird
  • U-Fonds
  • Unilever
  • YourStyle
  • Vorst

Past partners:

  • *bliep
  • City Box (Shurgard)
  • Duisenberg School of Finance
  • Durmus Dag
  • OC&C Strategy Consultants
  • Parkcafe Buiten
  • Pizzeria Il Forno
  • Popocatepetl
  • Rijbewijswinkel
  • Roland Berger
  • Rotary Club Kromme Rijn

Career Conference 2016:

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Google
  • Humanity in Action
  • New Foresight
  • Sky NRG
  • Sprout
  • Sustainer Homes
  • TIAS
  • VSO

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