UCU’s very own arts committee

ArtsCo wants to help you explore and reaffirm your talents and skills in the artistic world. We are dedicated to help your creativity roam free in a chilled-out, comfortable environment. We have many different disciplines that we cover: fashion illustration, lino printing, pottery, knitting, drawing, painting, sowing, and more! Whatever it is you want to create; we make it our goal to help you achieve it. Our arts room is open twice per week, so do not be shy to come see us and let those creative juices flow!

We, as a committee, are invested in making the UCU campus as creative as possible. We do that by having:

  • Arts Room Open Hours:  we have open hours every Sunday and Wednesday. During this time, you can use all the equipment we have in the room. As long as you are respectful and clean up, the arts room is yours to explore!
  • Workshops: we have many workshops every semester, such as a Knitting in the Bar workshop, a Fashion Illustration workshop, a Nude Model Drawing workshop, a Lino Printing workshop, as well as a Bob Ross Paint along! We are always open to workshop ideas, so if you have one, do not hesitate to talk to us about it.
  • Borrowing Equipment: during our open hours, you can come to borrow some equipment, such as a sowing machine, some paint and brushes, markers, paper etc. All you have to do is come to the Art room during open hours and request the materials! The ArtsCo member present will ask you to sign an inventory borrowing contract, and the materials have to be returned by two weeks in the corresponding open hours



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