To the bar, to the bar, to the baaaaar!

BarCo is the driving force behind the bar, and aims to provide a space where everyone can come for a drink or two and have a little boogie or chill with some friends.

The bar is open daily from 22:00 – 02:00 except for Thursday when the bar is open from 23:00 – 04:00. The bar is completely run by student volunteers who all put hard work in keeping the bar running. No matter the night or season, chances are that there will be something going on at the bar – be it a friendly game of pool, an intense card game, a massive game of King’s Cup, a BarCo/Committee sponsored party, or even just an intense study session on the bean bags. If you or your committee want to rent out the bar the reservation form can be found in the downloads section! Famous BarCo events held in the bar include the popular and reputable Bartender’s Weekend held every semester, Gents Night, Ladies Night, and Cocktail Nights, just to name a few.


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