Beach Party Team

UCU’s very own Beach Party Team

Traditionally the Beach Party has been organized in the Beach Party Area (BPA), but in recent years external locations like Puma, Stairway to Heaven and even a swimming pool have been used for this epic party. The stories about this awesome night have been so crazy, even Maarten Diederix will know a few if you ask him nicely ;). The theme is always summery because the end of the semester means the start of summer! Decorations have included buckets, sand, real palm trees. The legend goes that one year the party turned so hot everyone was dancing in their swimwear. This is a definitely a tradition you want to be part of!

Every year the UCSA Board calls together a team to organize this mayhem. The team usually exists of 5 members,  chair, secretary, treasurer, PR manager and location manager. If you want to know more about the Beach Party and how to become part of the team, send an email to the UCSA

Pictures of Performances

Committee Members

Member One (Chair)
Member Two
Member Three
Member Four
Member Five