UCU’s very own Boomerang committee

On a campus this small and closely connected, news is to be found in every corner. Who stole our UCU flag? What goes on behind the scenes in secretive College Hall? And where did that mysterious foreign student delegation come from? UCU students are dying to know more, and not only in their academic pursuits. Luckily such questions never go unanswered for too long, not as long as The Boomerang is there to ask them out loud.

Our very own campus newspaper understands and knows our college better than anyone. In fact, its beginnings date to the very first weeks of UCU. Or, to be more precise, the summer of 1998. A bunch of future students paved the way for other committees by establishing The Boomerang, long before the first lecture was taught. Why the name? A reference to the Kromhout (Dutch for “curved wood”) Military Base, as the campus was known up until that point.

The newspaper quickly grew to be a vital part of the UCU community, reflecting its experimental early years as well as its success and recognition later on. We can hardly imagine it nowadays, but the first articles discussed flooded classrooms and barred doors in academic buildings. Never shy of controversy, The Boomerang has also taken a critical look on UCU education, management and administration over the years. Nowadays it continues to strive for an independent, critical and transparent attitude, contributing to a greater democracy on campus.

The Boomerang is run by a dedicated board and a team of enthusiastic writers and editors. We also welcome members with little or no professional experience and provide them with support and guidance in the form of writing guides, personal contact and workshops, so they can develop into seasoned authors. Once confident in their writing, many continue to pursue their journalistic interest as an editor or board member.

Our aim is to offer students a platform where they can express themselves and voice their concerns and opinions. Through in-depth investigation, we continuously provide reliable information about current issues and enable an open dialogue between students, committees and the management. Whether that means uncovering our very own UCSA-gate affaire, or exploring the waxing habits of our students. The Boomerang is your voice.

Most importantly, this committee gives passionate, creative and talented students a reason to get together and share ideas. We welcome new input, so feel free to get in touch!

Booming greetings and see you at our next writers’ meeting,

The Boomerang board

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Committee Members

Clemens Schally (Chair)
Laura Hoogenraad
Charlotte Remarque
Meike Eijsberg
Nina Gribling
Aditya Agarwal
Thomas Scassellatti Sforzolini