Cognitive Neuroscience


Dr. Gabriël Beckers

Track Representative

Elisabeth Moulaert

Heyy! I’m Elisabeth, a 5th semester as of this Fall and I’ll be your cog neuro track rep for the upcoming year. I am majoring in cognitive neuroscience, cell biology, with a minor in politics. I was born and raised in Belgium, Brussels in an international environment. This is my first year as the cog neuro track rep and I am more than excited to hear what you have to say about the track and collaborate with the faculty to improve our beloved track as much as possible! Besides academics, I love playing tennis to de-stress and piano to the delight (or annoyance…?) of my unit mates. I am also involved in the UCU wellbeing team for over a year now. This activity reflects another aspect of how I am always ready to help fellow UCU students. In short, if you have anything to say about the cog neuro track, or if you want to hit the ball, listen to some piano or simply have a chat, shoot me a message!