UCU’s very own dance committee

DanceCo is UCU’s very own dance committee. We organize weekly classes and our members show off their hard work to campus at a performance in the end of each semester. Coming semester, we plan on bringing a great performance to you again! All classes are taught by and for UCU students and accessible to students from all levels. We offer the following classes:

Hip Hop Ready to get popping and locking? Don’t have a clue what that means but are intrigued anyway? Our hip hop classes have always been one of the busiest, so make sure to come have a look!

Modern Jazz Dancing modern is an incredibly upbeat, contemporary and fun way to keep up with the dance scene, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

Contemporary dance blends different styles together and steps away from the rules set by traditional styles. So if you like thinking outside the box and want to connect body and mind, this class is perfect for you!

Ballet Ballet is taught by our beautiful, sophisticated Sophie van Dongen who has enough experience to make even an elephant look graceful. Lyrical Lyrical is a dance which captivates audiences for its intense display of emotion and strength, and for this reason it is always one of our most popular classes.

Street Jazz One of the most lively and energetic classes, street jazz is inspired by the pop culture and its popular music videos.

Tap dance trains the body and the ear to move to different rhythms while strengthening your timing, speed and coordination. Come tap away with us!

Dancehall From Sean Paul to Kranium, get ready to move your waist to the rhythm! This Jamaican-originated dance brings a new style to the

Salsa Work those hips! One of UCUs most popular partner dances, Salsa will be a great one to try: we can guarantee you will be smiling your way through. Creating Salsa Salsa dancing is a fun, and social experience that anyone can learn. Come work together with your partner on creating your own performance!

Pictures of Performances