Ducks 'n Soup

DucksnSoup is the committee for all things anatidae to broth related (and all the inbetween!). During our regular events we bring together the ucu community by eating soup together, and taking a stroll in nature (usually the lovely Wilhelmina park). We pride ourselves on making hearty, homemade, and healthy (!!) soup to nourish the minds of hungry ucu intellectuals whilst being an open, social, and safe space for students to connect. We also know how important it is to get out of Voltaire and into nature and so we take regular walks and picnics in the park to visit the local wildlife and take a collective breather.

Common misconceptions:

We do not eat ducks

We do not feed ducks

We DO hold special events every semester such as cultural soup nights and boozy blends for those who want to get turnt in the park with us to some drake (a male duck – google it)

otherwise its very simple:

just ducks and soup.

keep quacking <3

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