Fair Design Team

UCU’s very own your committee

The Fair Design Team works hard every year to create a fashion show and market with recycled clothes as the source or origin. The team focuses on recycling old clothes, accessories, furniture and more, into something funky and fab to sell, all proceeds going to charity every year!

The Fair Design Team consists of:

The chair of the Fair Design Team can be either a UCSA Board member or not. The chair holds the team together and keeps them motivated and excited to complete their show. The chair also keeps an overview of the entire organization of the show.

As secretary you take minutes during meetings, manage the email accounts, and make sure everyoneis keeping up with their tasks. Secretary can also be involved in other role on the team!

As treasurer you make the budget for your team, order any decorations, or any other things needed for the show, and keep an overview of all the money that is being spent. Like secretary, the treasurer can be involved in any other role on the team!

Heads of Designers
Heads of designers work to contact the variety of designers and artists we have here on campus, to work with us to ensure we have enough items to sell on the day of the show. Choose your favourite items of clothing before others can buy them, apply for Head of Design!

PR Managers
As PR manager it is your job to make sure everybody knows about the show, and buys their tickets if need be. Through facebook, emails, videos, posters, and more work to create an amazing image around the show!

External Relations Manager
As External Relations, you work to research on charities the team would like to support, contact any outside parties, look for sponsorship if necessary, and maintain all contact with outside parties. Looking for anyone passionate about this project, willing to convince others to work with us and put on an amazing show!

Pictures of Performances

Committee Members

Member One (Chair)
Member Two
Member Three
Member Four
Member Five