UCU's very own Feminist Committee

Description of Committee:
The Feminist Committee aspires to create an open discussion platform within which members of the UCSA are able to freely discuss and debate the many issues surrounding feminism and all that it entails. By stimulating dialogue on campus, FeministCo hopes to both educate and inspire people to stand up for their beliefs, embolden people towards political activism, and to encourage everyone to be vocal about their opinions.
In addition to that, we have a Queer Alliance Liaison who is our go to person for all things Queer on campus. They are in charge of the weekly meet ups where students can discuss Queer issues, be aware of Queer events both on and off campus, and organize their own events! Mostly, the meet up allows students to share struggles and form a more supportive community.
Upcoming Activities:
We host discussion evenings to ignite dialogue, organise lectures from experts in their field who have new and authentic insights, host movie nights, organise sexual health and consent workshops during introweek and are working on implementing university wide policies regarding these issues. Our biggest activity of this semester will be our collaboration with HistoryCo, celebrating 100 years since women were able to vote (with regards to the wave of European countries that allowed this in 1917-1920), on Wednesday April 4th!
The Queer Alliance is also organizing the PRIDE BOAT for the Utrecht Canal Pride Parade!
Samples of other Activities:
In October 2017, we organised one of our biggest and most successful events yet: “Smash the PartiARTchy: A Feminist Art Festival.” It was an afternoon filled with visual art (including photography, paintings, etc.), installations, live music, poetry reading, monologues, and a panel discussion. Our art festival was held in ACU with more than 150 visitors! We were able to donate all proceedings(222.71,-) to Femmes for Freedom!

Pictures of Activities

Board Members

Siel Hoornaert (Chair)
Rosa Soeterbroek (Secretary)
Katya Paus (Treasurer)
Mariia Wäre (Public Relations)
Ella Shields (Queer Alliance Liaison)

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