UCU's very own Feminist Committee

The UCU Feminist Committee’s (FemCo) main goal on campus is to create a welcoming, safe environment for discussion, in which everyone can share their opinions on feminism and everything it entails and influences. The Queer Alliance (QA) is a group within FemCo, which functions as a platform to represent LGBT+ individuals on campus and foster their wellbeing through community-building events and by providing resources tailored to that community. FemCo stands for equality for all campus members, regardless of their identity and gender.

Currently in the board of FemCo are Monica Kirk as chair, Mar Santos as treasurer, Mark van der Boor as secretary and Myrthe Zondag as PR manager. In the QA board are Annie Macleod as chair, Swasthika Anand as PR manager, Marta Anzillotti as secretary and Marije Hof as treasurer. FemCo and QA both separately organise biweekly discussions (also named whine&wine’s), mostly on Tuesdays. We also organize movie nights with afterwards discussion on the topic of the movie, and workshops or lectures on feminism/sexuality/anything related to those topics. Apart from that, FemCo takes part in the Sexual Health and Consent workshops given in introweek and hands out free, anonymous condoms on campus!

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Email: feministco@ucsa.nl