Photography committee

We have been known to flash people. As the photography committee on campus, FocusCo is responsible for documenting all of your flattering and maybe not-so-flattering moments, whether it’s at the bar on a Thursday night or during more formal events such as prom. We also organise photography-related events such as workshops and lectures. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all the latest!

Would you like to take pictures at events but are not on the FocusCo board? No problem! Contact us via Facebook or email us ( to be added to our Facebook photographers group chat. If you would like to use our cameras or equipment, fill out this form.

If you want one of our photographers to take pictures at your event, make sure to fill out the request form 10 days in advance! Note that photos can take some time before they appear on our FocusCo Facebook page 🙂

Pictures by FocusCo

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