UCU’s very own board game committee

GameCo is a committee excited to provide a relaxing and fun space where we all can bond while playing games. Every  week we organize open game nights with amazing snacks, chill vibes and great company.

Besides our weekly gatherings, we also organize other events such as Real Life Werewolves, Casino Night, campus-wide Hide & Seek and much more! Once in a while we put a themed twist on our gamenights, some of our past favorite themes include: Mario Kart Showdown, Capitalist Night and King’s Day Games. We also organize Dungeons and Dragons events for new and experienced players. Stay tuned for our fun collabs with other committees!

Do you want to host your own game night? Contact us on Facebook, Instagram (@Ucsagameco) or by email at to borrow a game from our collection of wonderful board games.

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