Sports committee

UCU has many different sport activities and clubs to offer to its students. There are clubs ranging from Men’s Football all the way to the UCU field hockey team. Naturally, each team has financial demands and interests which need to be relayed to the UCSA. This is where UCSA Hermes comes in. Hermes is the overarching sports body that represents the teams on campus to the students and to other university colleges in the Netherlands. We ensure that the financials of each team runs smoothly and that they operate at a high standard.

Other than representing sports, Hermes is also the largest sport activity organizer on campus. We provide UCU students with the opportunity to try new adrenaline pumping activities while at the same time being able to meet new people. Our events are defined by the following words: unpredictable, fresh and memorable. Hermes organizes three extreme and two regular sports events per semester. Last semester, we had students rolling around during the campus Bubble Football Tournament and dodging balls while swinging on ropes during the Apenkooien event. Furthermore, last semester, Hermes organized the first ever InterUC Paintball Tournament in which four different UC’s fought it out on a WW2 themed terrain.

UCSA Hermes has big plans for this semester, so stay up to date with our events by liking UCSA Hermes on Facebook and by following our page on Instagram (hermes_ucsa). For further contact you can email us at

Pictures of Activities

Committee Board Members

Wouter van Ingen (Chair)
Betsy Middleton (Secretary)
Jitske Koeleman (Treasurer)
Noah Stapper (Public Relations)
Nienke Schouten (Event Manager)

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