History never ends

Making History fun since day one!

What does HistoryCo do? History does not only belong in the classroom, it should be accessible, informal and fun for the entire UCU community. So, we organize engaging historical events ranging from lectures, to excursions and fun activities!

Some of our past events include Personal Histories, where students or teachers from different backgrounds talk about life and historical events that are/were relevant and personal, to interesting lectures organized in cooperation with the amazing UCU staff. Also, something that is important to the historical grounds of UCU and our community, the annual National Remembrance Day commemoration on the Quad.
Previous excursions have included the Rijksmuseum and Camp Amersfoort.

We also have learned that teaming up with other committees is a great way to organize even cooler and larger events. For example, we organized our first “Stories and ‘smores” in collaboration with QueerCo to talk about queer history, and held the “Pretentious Pubquiz” with PubquizCo where other small academic committees sent in their questions on their related fields!

We’ll see you at our next event! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at historyco@usca.nl and check out our Facebook or Instagram for upcoming events!

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Email: historyco@ucsa.nl