History never ends

Making history fun one day at a time!

What is History? E.H. Carr’s answer in the eponymous book was that history is “…an unending dialogue between the present and the past.” At HistoryCo, we share the great historian’s sentiment and believe that from those convictions, History can be made more than an academic discipline. HistoryCo seeks to supplement the already rich academic History programme at UCU by making it more informal and above all accessible.

Since our start in 2016 we have been facilitating dialogue about history, both formal and less so in various forms and through various activities. We take pride in our Personal Histories, where students from various backgrounds are given a platform to talk about issues and events in history that are/were salient for them, their families and their countries. We have had students from Palestine, Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia, Venezuela with just as many queued up.

On top of that, we organize the occasional Drunk Histories, where History meets one of mankind’s earliest inventions, alcohol, and provides History lovers with a setting to discuss both fun anecdotes and more serious events. Furthermore, we also organize trips to historic sites within the Netherlands, as a means of acquainting the student body with the country they reside in. Finally, we do not skimp on the academic side of the field either, as we also periodically organize lectures and events in cooperation with the UCU staff. He hope to see you at one of our events and if you have any questions, please do contact us through Facebook or over email!

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Email: historyco@ucsa.nl