Fundraising Committee

We are the Humanitarian Committee (or HumCo) at UCU! Throughout the year, we host a
variety of events to raise money for a specific charity. The charity changes every year, and it is
the student body who can vote for the charity they would like to support.

We are thrilled to announce that this year we will be supporting The Border Consortium, a
charity based in Thailand which provides food, shelter and other forms of support to
approximately 87,000 Burmese/Myanmar refugees. The Border Consortium also supports
conflict-affected communities and areas in Burma/Myanmar. Swing by any of our events
throughout the year (posted on Facebook and Instagram) to support this cause!

Some of the events we host include:
– Tispy Toasties
– Waffle Sales
– Committee Charity Auction
– Winter Wonderland Stall
– Charity Lectures
And many more!

We hope to see you at some of our events throughout the year!

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