UCSA committee about digital technology and culture.

You might know that the device currently lying into your hand – or under your fingers – is, at this very moment, constantly exchanging information with a gigantic digital network of users, without you being made even consciously aware of it. Several web companies certainly have amassed, throughout your digital life, enough information about your behavioural patterns for them to own some bits of your existence.

We are all citizens of the digital world.

TechCo was made as a safe haven for us to freely discuss the issues and questions raised by such a cybernated environment, as well as acquire the intellectual tools and cultural luggage in order to journey through it more comfortably. In that scope, among others, workshops (Photoshop, video-editing, coding, …), movie screenings (“Her”, “Ex Machina”, …), talks (e.g. Bitnation), will hopefully help you open your minds to the binary labyrinth surrounding us.

TechCo wants to embark you on our journey into the digital universe, whether you are a computer expert or a total beginner. Our mission is to bring all kinds of people together and provide a platform and venue for them to discuss, educate themselves and each other, and most importantly have fun collaborating with each other. JOIN US!

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