Law Committee

LawCo is UCSA’s very own legal committee, organising events related to law for students interested in this field of study. We aim to organise a variety of events, including lectures/seminars, and symposiums by legal experts, visits to legal offices, like Jones Day and Houthoff, or to international courts, such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

This year’s LawCo board consists of five law students, seeking to create a platform for students interested in law to come together and share their interest through the organisation of several events. These students are Marielotte van Ballegooijen, Eva Koopman, Jelle Honing, Anandi Sweere and Max Havenga. With the events, we hope to provide a refreshing and interdisciplinary perspective on legal academics and to introduce students to professional legal practice. Our goal is to move across the purely theoretical framework students are introduced to in class, and explore the more practical side of the law. To achieve this goal, we organise excursions to the hotspots of legal practice in the Netherlands, such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Criminal Court (ICC), and well-known legal firms, like Jones Day and Houthoff. Speakers at our lectures are experts in various legal fields and will provide students with the opportunity to enter into a critical discussion. We also organise more social events on campus such as movie nights with ScreenCo. Interested? Join our Facebook page “Law Committee UCSA” for regular updates on the agenda, or send us an email to become a member of our mailing list. We hope to see you at our events!

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