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LawCo is UCSA’s very own legal committee. As a board, we organize a variety of events to enrich the curriculum, improve the sense of community within the law track and engage in interdisciplinary activities to show the diversity within the subject of law.

Our board consists of 5 members, seeking to create a platform for students interested in law to come together and share our love for law. For the year of ‘23/’24 our board members will be Manu Dekker, Olivia Rice, Kate Grossenbacher, Jenny Thân Nguyên and Georgie Hekkelman.

With the events, we hope to provide a refreshing and interdisciplinary perspective on legal academics and introduce students to professional legal practice. Our goal is to transcend the purely theoretical framework students are introduced to in class and actively engage with the theory. To achieve this goal, we organize excursions to the hotspots of legal practice in the Netherlands, such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Criminal Court (ICC), and well-known legal firms, like Jones Day and Houthoff. Besides these excursions we hold engaging discussions and workshops to strengthen your academic skill set. Speakers at our lectures are experts in various legal fields and will provide students with the opportunity to engage with current legal issues.

Our aim is to structure the events in such a way that they are open to people with all levels of knowledge, whether you are majoring in law, pursuing the double law degree program, or are simply a Suits fanatic – you are welcome. Interested? Join our Facebook page “Law Committee UCSA” or become a member of our WhatsApp group where we will keep you up to date on our events and recent developments in the field. We hope to see you at our events!

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