UCU’s very own marathon committee

Don’t let our name scare you off, we – thankfully – don’t run 42 kilometres weekly. Instead, we run a variety of different distances, catering to all levels ranging from beginners who want to try out running for the first time, to more experienced runners that wish to challenge themselves further. We meet every Monday and Thursday at 17:45, downstairs Dining Hall. And believe me, anyone can join, whether you are a fitness guru or a couch potato. Also, missed our first run of the year? Don’t fret. Feel free to join us at any point throughout the semester. We have several run leaders to make sure that we can cater exactly what you need; the speed depends on you, the UCSA members present, and we never leave anyone behind.

There is even more good news: throughout the year, we participate in several official runs, such as the Utrecht Science Park Run or the Zevenheuvelenloop in Nijmegen, and fun runs, like the Electric Run in Amsterdam or the Utrecht Chocolate Milk run. These are great to have as goals to work towards. Those of us that sign up for a run can prepare together and then go to the event together, making the event a highly social and entertaining excursion. Last, but definitely not least, we proudly present to you the one-and-only Pancake Run, a great chance to meet fellow runners of all levels and enjoy delicious pancakes. Our experience tells us that pancakes are highly motivational during running and people don’t feel guilty about eating them after a nice jog.

So if you feel like clearing your head after a long day of classes or getting some exercise whilst making new friends, come join one, two, or all of our runs! Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook group, UCSA MarathonCo, so you don’t miss out on any of our events. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at

We hope to see you on our next run 😉

Pictures of Performances