"Doctor Who?"

MedCo is a committee that organizes activities to provide UCU students with essential education of basic medical skills by combining cure and care. These activities include very cool workshops, such as the suturing workshop or the First Aid course (for which you will receive a European certificate) In addition, workshops such as “How to handle stress” and “The importance of sleep” during Introtime, help incoming students with their (mental) health.

Recently we have also been collaborating with multiple other UCSA committees to organize even more events, such as the ‘Mindful healthy cooking workshop’ or the ‘Sex Education lectures’.

MedCo is a committee that will not only appeal to pre-med students, but to anyone at UCU who has a general interest in the medical field or simply wants to enjoy our fun events!


  1. Healthy Mindful Cooking Workshop

Our healthy mindful cooking workshop is a collaboration event organised together with MindfulCo and GastronomyCo. It is a new event that was organised for the first time in 2020! MedCo takes care of the health aspect of the workshop, providing insight into health benefits of the recipe chosen in accord with GastronomyCo, and on how to build a healthy equilibrated meal in general. This is done through infographic material, at the beginning of the workshop, and question-answer format throughout the workshop. MindfulCo stresses the importance of mindful eating for the best health outcome.

This year, the three committees are preparing a thanksgiving themed, online workshop!

2. Suturing workshop

MedCo organises every year, in collaboration with dr Koos Sanders, a suturing workshop where pre-med students can practise their suturing skills. Students get some hands-on practice on their special suturing practice pads, and by the end of the workshop, they know how to properly stitch up a wound! The workshop lasts two and a half hours, and students have time to ask questions to

dr. Sanders who works at the UMC and is the fellow of the pre-med track at UCU. The number of spots is limited and the event is on a first-come-first-served basis. After completion, students receive a handy pocket guide and a certificate!

3. First Aid Course

Every semester, MedCo organises a first aid course in collaboration with the Utrecht Red Cross. The course is offered at a much lower price (around 60 euros) than when taken directly at the Red Cross, and if you have Dutch insurance, this may be (partially) reimbursed. Places are limited and we try to ensure third-year students get priority over the rest of students, who will have the chance to take the course later in their academic career. Once completed, students receive a European First Aid certificate.

4. Sexual Health Workshop

As a new initiative event, MedCo undertook together with FeministCo, PrideCo and the Well-being Team, to organise a series of four lectures on themes regarding sexual health and pleasure. The series of four lectures include themes relating to kinks, pleasure and masturbation, queer SexEd or sex and relationships. MedCo is very excited to be part of this initiative which is, according to many, highly anticipated!

5. COVID update lecture – 2020 exclusive!

The aim of this initiative is for MedCo to ensure good translation of knowledge from specialist to the student population on the current virus creating a worldwide epidemic. The lecturer will discuss topics ranging from how the virus works and how does it replicate inside the body to the disease it causes and how can the disease spread so fast and in such wide scales. The lecture will take place online, in accordance with the security guidelines.

6. Sleep and stress workshop

As part of the intro-time, these series of two workshops are aimed at the freshly arrived first years and are organised a few weeks after intro week ended. Their purpose is to guide the students in their first weeks by sharing tips and tricks acquired by previous first years, on how to deal with the heavy workload and dense social calendar of the University College. The format is relaxed round tables, where discussion and exchange guide the workshop. The other aim is for MedCo members to make sure students know that the committee and its members are also here at any other time during the years to come, to assist and support our fellow students on any issues and especially those relating to health concerns.

Not sure how to start your life here at UCU? Already a third year but would still like some tips, tricks and knowledge on creating a healthy lifestyle? We’ve set up the UCU Starter’s Guide!

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