Media Studies


Nina Köll

Track Representative

Julius Mosseray


My name is Julius, and I’m a long way from home, Belgium. I’m entering my second year, and I’ll be your new media track representative for the coming year. As a representative, I’m eager to get to meet passionate individuals in the realm of media and will be helping you throughout your journey within the track. What to expect from me? I can help you out with details of the track, and voice your opinions – be it on media issues, or simply about the track. I’m also happily open to engaging in track initiatives and would love to discuss event ideas to keep the media studies community growing on campus. Aside from being the track representative for media, I’m also a passionate videographer and photographer and spend a lot of time on campus filming events and short films with UCStudios. I guess you could say media is a pretty central part of my life^^. I hope to see you on campus, whether in the bar during an intoxicated interaction session, or around a coffee, to discuss media issues, and beyond!