Medical Science


Dr. Koos Sanders

Track Representative

Sophie ten Have

Hii! My name is Sophie and I am a 5th semester student. I am Dutch and have lived in the Netherlands all my life, fairly close to Utrecht. Fun fact my family is actually from Utrecht and most of my family have studied in Utrecht as well! In my free time I play field hockey and I also enjoy being outdoors and exploring new places or things, including music, art and much more! I am the track representative for the pre-med program here at UCU for my 2nd consecutive academic year. As you might have guessed already, I am personally also pursuing the pre-med program, yet I am also aiming to incorporate a minor in political science. My academics reflect something I really admire at UCU, which is the ability to follow your own academic path and having the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary education. As a track rep I am here to help you with any questions or concerns you have regarding the pre-med program and represent pre-med student’s voices and needs by being the link between the UC student council, (pre-med) students and the faculty staff. I really enjoy working together with both students and faculty members in ensuring that our education is always evolving and tailored to meet our student body needs! If you have any questions or remarks you can contact me via my email. You can of course also come up to me for a chat if you see me on campus, I love to hear your ideas as well!