Musical Team

The team that organises the annual UCU Musical!

The Musical Team

A full blown and generally rather impressive musical is produced by students each spring semester, with actors, dancers, musicians, lights etc. You can always join the team to do the logistics, make the props, or pass the audition in order to play and perform on stage.

In order to make this event as successful as it has proven itself to be, every year the USCA is looking for a strong and enthusiastic team who make up the basis of this project. The team consists of the following members: 

§  Logistics Chair – In charge of all the logistics of the show, the logistics chair makes sure all communication runs smoothly, manages de organizational side and does the administrative work. They will ensure different aspects of the show fit together.

§  Creative Chair – In charge of the dramatic side of the show, the creative chair not only directs the musical and runs the rehearsals, they also bear final responsibility for everything that happens on stage.

§  Treasurer – In charge of the budget, the treasurer gets the team the best theatres for the lowest prices, divides the budget and arranges the ticket sale.

§  Vocal Coaches – Responsible for all the rehearsals involving singing and the vocal warm-ups.

§  Band leader – In charge of the live band, that has been involved every year for their musical support.

§  Choreographer – What is a musical without some funky dance-moves?

§  Set and Design Manager – Head of the set and design team, who are responsible for creating the stage and accumulating the props.

§  Costumes and Make-Up Manager – Head of the costumes and make up team, who will make sure all the actors and dancers really become their part

The musical year starts in September with the establishment of the team. Once the team is made up, the musical is chosen and the process of adapting the script starts with the creative chair who can choose to call in help of scriptwriters. Over the winter break the script is finalized, the music is adapted and the schedules are prepared.

In the beginning of the spring semester the project is made ready for take-off and starts to fly. The cast, ensemble and band are chosen through auditions and the rest of the team -everybody involved with creating the set, buying the props, picking the costumes, planning the make-up and adapting the lights- is established. The rehearsals start, a legendary musical weekend is held, and by the end of April/beginning of May, the musical team is ready to show this long-awaited project to the rest of UC.

For more information, please contact the UCSA Board or send a message.

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