UCU’s very own music committee

MusicCo The aim of MusicCo is to bring people together to share their passion of music. MusicCo provides you with a Music Room, accessible and free to use for all UCSA members and set up with instruments and equipment. All you have to do is get the key at the UCSA office, so be sure to check that one out! Also, we organise events, like Workshops, Jams, the Classy Campus Concert and, most importantly the monthly Open Mic Night. This event provides people with hidden (or not so hidden) talent with a proper stage setting in a friendly environment somewhere on campus. Signing up is all free, and possible just before or during the event. Any last minute impulsivities are of course warmly encouraged! Note that you don’t have to be a musician yourself to love music! If you want to keep up with what MusicCo has on offer for you, be sure to sign up to our mailing list (send an email to, become a member of our Facebook group, UCSA MusicCo, and keep an eye on the UCSA website, for all events will also be posted here!

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