dr. Floris van der Burg

Track Representative

Ada Harpole (she/they)


Hi! My name is Ada Harpole and I’m one of the philosophy track reps this year. I’m in my 5th semester and was the track representative last year and am super excited to doing it again this year with Luke! I really enjoy reading, silly reality TV, yoga, and talking about philosophy with my friends. I really believe in keeping philosophy fun and approachable so please reach out if you want to talk philosophy 🙂 My email is, but I have also set up an email specifically for the philosophy track if you want academic guidance: One thing that we offer as philosophy track reps to students in level 100 courses is help with writing papers, so feel free to send us an email before your next deadline if you’re feeling confused about how to write for philosophy!

Luke Lechte (they/them)


Hi there, my name is Luke (they/them), and I ‘m a German-Dutch 2nd year student. I represent the philosophy track together with Ada, and look to stimulate a captivating, diverse, and modern take on philosophy at UCU. A fair and open grading system, and a contemporary addition to the track is what I aim to achieve.