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As one of the oldest committees on campus, PoliticsCo prides itself for its commitment to promoting political awareness, thought and discussions on campus. In a place such as UCU, where students from the five continents come together, discussing recent political events can be incredibly enriching and interesting. Are you ready to join us in our next ‘chill politics sesh’?
The committee counts with three different types of events, each serving a different purpose but all contributing to our main goal: enabling UCU students’ engagement with politics. We do this by means of official events, such as guest lectures, for which high key speakers are welcomed to campus to host a lecture on their area of expertise. Nevertheless, Politicsco is equally dedicated to permitting UCU students with similar interests to come together in a relaxed and casual atmosphere: this is what we call the Chill Politics Sessions. Grab your glass of wine and your slice of pizza (provided by the committee) and get ready to participate or just learn while witnessing discussions on recent political events. In addition to this, the committee organises one excursion per semester, both domestically and abroad to politically significant places such as Brussels, The Hague or Amsterdam. Examples of previous destinations include the European Parliament, NATO Headquarters, the Red Cross Offices and the Taiwanese Representative Office. We can’t wait to meet you. And you?

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