Prom Team

UCU’s very own Prom Team

Every year we cordially invite all students to join us for a night of music, entertainment, and drinks. Prom is the time to dress up, suit up and dance the night away. The Prom Team, consisting of 5 members, is open to join for all students and is formed in fall semester each year. Together the Prom Team works hard to find a suitable location, recruit the best DJs and choose a theme that will make Prom as magical as always.

The Prom Team consists of the following positions:

Location/Venue Manager
The name says it all. The location/venue manager is responsible for finding the right place to host Prom. Having this responsibility comes with a lot of google searching, calling, emailing and of course visits to venues. A crucial job, perfect for a determined team member!

Entertainment Manager
Once the location and theme are chosen, the next thing to worry about it entertainment. Think photographers, think DJs, think performers. Did you know that a couple of years ago there was a snake lady at prom? As entertainment manager you can be as creative and out-of-the-box as you want! The bigger the better, right?

PR Manager
As PR-manager it is your job to make sure everybody knows about Prom, and buy their tickets of course. Through FB, videos, posters, and more you need to make sure that Prom becomes a hype! A creative soul, confident with social media, and ready to execute bold ideas is what makes a true PR manager.

Secretary / Treasurer
As Secretary and Treasurer it is your job to make sure the prom team is a smooth oiled machine. You take minutes during board meetings, manage the email account and ticket sales, and create a budget. Being organised is your passion and you feel comfortable working with numbers. And of course a real team player!

The chair of the Prom Team is usually a member of the UCSA Board. Because a lot of money and contact with external parties is involved, it is crucial for the Prom Team to work closely together with the UCSA board. The chair will keep on overview in the organization of prom. Team works makes the dream work!

Are you a party-lover, event-organiser, dedicated, and creative individual? And do you see yourself in one of these positions? Please keep an eye on our page to learn more about when we will be recruiting for a new Prom Team. And who knows it might be you who will organize next year’s legendary prom!

We Promise it will be amazing.

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