UCU’s very own queer alliance

UCSA QueerCo is the Queer Alliance of our University College. We make sure there is a safe space for queer people, but we are also there for our allies who want to know more about how to support the queer  community. We do this through our biweekly discussion evenings, where we create a safe space to share experiences and learn more about LGBTQ+ history and culture. We also register for the Utrecht Canal Pride, which happens every year in June. Here, we represent the University College and we love a good party!

Other events we organize are the drag night in the bar, an amazing night where we invite drag queens to make for high quality entertainment. We also do collaborations with other committees on campus, such as sexual health workshops and informative evenings in which we try to educate our community on queer history.

The Queer Alliance started as a daughter project of FeministCo in Fall 2019. Ever since, it has been growing until in April 2020 it became a real committee, changing from Queer Alliance to PrideCo to QueerCo.

Do you have any ideas for our events or topics for our discussion evenings? We love to hear your input!

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