Religious Studies

Dr. Katja Rakow



Track Representative

Julia Uildriks


Hi fellow UCU students! I am Julia, Dutch, a fifth semester student and will be your religious studies track representative this year. When not studying religious studies or related topics, I love to go climbing, hiking or to hang out with friends.

As this year’s representative, I hope to make the track more well-known. Despite the relevance of the topic, I have noticed an occasional lack of nuance when ‘religion’ is discussed at UCU. Moreover, I hope to work together with the students that have or want to take courses related to the track as well as the professors to further tailor the courses to what the students need. I am also more than open to collaborate so if you have any idea you would like to discuss or work on together, let me know! 

I am looking forward to meet you and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to shoot me a message 🙂