UCU's very own STEM committee

We are, has been founded to provide support to UCU STEM students.’s mission is to cultivate a social community dedicated to the academic pursuit of STEM-related fields at UCU, by providing mentorship, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

Obtaining a STEM-related degree at a Liberal Arts & Sciences college comes with several unique challenges. In order to get into many science masters, students are required to start thinking about prerequisites like internships and extra course requirements early on. However, with UCU’s tough academic workload, and minimal formal support systems in place, these extra considerations may feel overwhelming. wishes to support science students by sharing science-related (professional) opportunities and news through social media, hosting informative guest lectures with STEM academics, providing tailored professional guidance, and promoting engagement within UCU’s academic community through college-wide STEM events. To bring balance to UCU’s already busy schedule, will also provide fun and relaxing activities such as TED-talk screening nights.

Through providing academic guidance and mentorship, social media engagement, and hosting fun STEM-related events, and we hope to foster inspiration, engagement, and belongingness within STEM.


To give you a peak into what kind of events organizes, you can read a little bit about our reoccurring events here!

People in STEM

In our People in STEM series, we have several open discussion events, often with professionals outside of UCU, to address structural issues in the STEM world and at UCU. Events in these series can help bring students into contact with potential role-models, or simply serve as a platform to ask questions on things that might not be dealt with in the classroom environment. Events can center subjects such as racism, sexism, queerness, neurodivergence, etc. This event is often a great place to find rolemodels that you relate to!

Guest Lectures

The guest lectures are a different format from the People in STEM series, as they are more dependent on the lecturer’s niche knowledge. These events can range from interesting science research that researchers want to share, to career lectures in which students can get to know different disciplines in the professional environment. Potentially, students could even get into contact with these lecturers for internships, thesis help, or to ask questions.

Science Arts & Crafts

Cute DIY events where students can relax and have fun together while doing something hands-on that is STEM-related, but also reminiscent of childhood. These are organized during winter and summer semester. Due to the lab courses, science students are mostly present on the UCU campus whom could use some nice leisure time in between their classes.

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