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Welcome to STEMCo’s Community Page,

STEMCo (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Committee) has been founded to provide support to UCU STEM students. Our aim is to cultivate and strengthen a social community dedicated to the academic pursuit of STEM-related fields at UCU, by providing mentorship, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

Obtaining a STEM-related degree at a Liberal Arts & Sciences college comes with several unique challenges. In order to get into many science masters, students are at times required to start thinking about prerequisites like internships and extra course requirements early on. However, with UCU’s tough academic workload, and minimal formal support systems in place, these extra considerations may feel overwhelming.

STEMCo wishes to support science students by sharing science-related (professional) opportunities and news through social media, hosting informative guest lectures with STEM academics, providing tailored professional guidance, and promoting engagement within UCU’s academic community through college-wide STEM events. Additionally, we aim to highlight the fun aspects that these scientific fields have to offer, as often deemed too complicated by many. Therefore, we also provide fun and relaxing activities such as Chemistry Cocktails, TED-talk screening nights, and spontaneous Comet Watch events.


Through the lens of both community and professionally-based events, we hope to create more enthusiasm for the sciences at UCU, or perhaps just a peeking interest. Our community plans for this year are Chemistry Cocktails, Tie Dye Workshop, a Botanical Gardens Visit and the STEMCo x BarCo Bar party. Our professional events for this year include an info session on academic and non-academic internships during the Life After the Bubble Symposium (organised by Student Council) and an exchange event between the Cognitive Neuroscience faculties of University College London and UCU.


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