sUperstiCkySurfAces is UCU’s very own comedy theater. It has a long history of being funny, or trying to be funny, or at least performing in the auditorium. This long history goes back so far that we don’t even know when it started anymore. The writers and actors merge popular movies, series, plays and books with campus life into a spectacle of love, peace and joy on stage. We bring campus culture to a whole new level and yet we manage to stay down to earth and incredibly modest. Some might even say that Supersticky is the very best committee there is. But that is mostly people from Supersticky. And not even everyone from Supersticky. Excited? Good. You should be. You made it this far in the intro text, so you better visit our next show. There are four of those a year and there might be some new initiatives coming up this year as well, so stay tuned. Bye.
IG: super.sticky.surfaces
Facebook: Super Sticky Surfaces

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