Travel committee

We are the travel committee on campus and thus, are responsible for organising all the trips (day, weekend, or week).

We organise several trips in a year. We always organise a hitchhike trip in the fall and spring break and a skitrip at the end of the winter break. Outside of these trips we organise a summer trip between spring and summer term and are working on organising small day and weekend trips. In UCU students we have a document which you can use for travel advise. You can also contact one of us if you have any questions about one of our trips or a suggestion for a new trip. You can send us an email on

Hitch-hiking trips

During the first weekend of every midterm break, we organise a hitch-hiking trip to an exciting location in Europe. In teams of 3, you depart from the quad and try to hitch-hike to the announced destination as fast as possible. The fastest team wins a prize, and a cool activity at the location is organized.

Ski Trip

Every January, we organise a week-long trip to a popular skiing destination. There are around 70 spots which fill up quickly, so make sure you keep a look out for the info session!

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