Travel committee

TripCo plans affordable, quality trips every break throughout the year at UCU for UCSA members to join. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to travel around Europe while particpating in activities that are not integrated on a daily basis.

Our trips consist of several different activities. During fall and spring break we organize a hitchhiking trip (desination changes every time). During winter break, we have a 10 day trip to a ski resort in Europe. Additionally, between spring semester and summer term, a sailing or surf trip is organized to enjoy the sunny weather. Lastly, several other day or weekend trips are planned during the academic year in collaboration with other committees. These constitute a day trip to a christmas market in Germany in collaboration with the UCSA Board, and also the weekend trip to the Ardennes with UCSA Hermes. Furthermore, we created a document for destination experiences and recommended locations within other cities and countries in the world. Attached you will find a google form where you can contribute to our travel guide book and also the guide if you’re interested in travelling somewhere in the world. For any further questions or suggestions, you can contact us by sending an email to or checking this year’s trip information borrel.

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