UCU’s very own trip committee

Love travelling, meeting new people and discovering new cultures? Then TripCo is the committee for you! We are in charge of organising the annual ski trip and the semesterly hitch-hiking trips. Besides that we also organize a yearly sail trip and a weekend trip!

Hitch-hiking trips

During the first weekend of every midterm break, we organise a hitch-hiking trip to an exciting location in Europe. In teams of 2 or 3, you depart from the quad and try to hitch-hike to the announced destination as fast as possible. The fastest team wins a prize, and a ‘gezellig’ dinner is organised for all participants after everyone has arrived.

Ski Trip

Every January, we organise a week-long trip to a popular skiing destination. There are around 90 spots which fill up quickly, so make sure you keep a look out for the info session!

Sail Trip

The week between the spring semester and the summer term doesn’t have to be boring! TripCo takes you to the Frisian Lakes to enjoy the Dutch sunny weather, to sail all day long and to have fun nights in a farm somewhere in the north of Holland! We usually take around 50 people with us so keep an eye out for the info session.

Weekend Trip

Once a year, TripCo offers you a weekend trip in which we go somewhere close to Holland (think Germany, Belgium or sometimes even Holland) to do something fun. This varies from hiking trips to city trips! It will be a smaller trip, organized for around 25 people.

Pictures of Performances