If you have an interest in film-making, film-watching, acting, directing, editing, script-writing, you name it – contact us to see how you can get involved, or how we can make your ideas come to life. We are interested in all creative ideas, so please approach us! If you wish to undertake a project independently, you can also contact us about borrowing equipment (think camera’s, mics, tripods).

Equipment form

UCStudio Sundays

Nothing to do on all those lazy Sundays? UCStudios has the answer! The first three Sundays of the month are devoted to screenings of films with a particular theme, followed by a Sunday complete with a film-making workshop. This allows you to get hands-on experience creating your own film in the style of that month’s genre. Check our Facebook page to see when the next UCStudio Sundays is planned!

Committee Members

UCStudios board Fall 2018:

Chair: Meike Eijsberg

Secretary: Doris Velora Vlaar

Treasurer/Equipment Manager: Aaron McNicholas

Project Manager: Lora Apostolova

Crew Manager: Anne-marijn Oosterholt

PR Manager: Bela Cechova

Contact Us!

Email: ucstudios@ucsa.nl