UCStudios is a producer of video content on campus, including but not limited to; a variety of after-movies of events organized by students on campus, collaborations with other committees and students, short films, comical bar videos, and many other projects. We are dedicated to creating visual memories that have a larger and lasting impact on campus life. In addition, UCStudios also lends equipment to fellow students so that they can use them to their respective creative ends as well.If you have an interest in filming or editing Рcontact us to see how you can get involved, or how we can make your ideas come to life. We are interested in all creative ideas, so please approach us! If you wish to undertake a project independently, you can also contact us about borrowing equipment through our email ucstudios@usca.nl (eg. cameras, microphones, tripods).

Contact Us!

Email: ucstudios@ucsa.nl