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UCU’s official platform for audio broadcasting of all and any of UCU students’ ideas, opinions, debates, and music!

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Founded in 2016, UCU Radio provides a radio platform that is open for broadcasting to all students of the UCSA. Apart from being a music station, it is a platform on which students can host shows about their interests, current events, and can facilitate committee collaboration.

Broadcast With Us!

Shows are hosted from the Boomerang office in Voltaire. If you would like to host a show yourself, make sure to first attend the UCU Radio workshop, which is offered at least twice a semester. Attending this workshop is a requirement, as you will be introduced to our broadcasting equipment and software.

More than just a Music Station

UCU Radio is more than just a music station, it is whatever you want it to be! If you have any ideas, make sure to contact us through Facebook or email (ucuradio@ucsa.nl).

Contact Us!

Email: ucuradio@ucsa.nl