One of UCU’s most recently-formed committees, UCU Beats aims to enhance collaboration between producers, musicians and singers on campus and to promote music production on campus in general.

The committee is best known for its bi-weekly Open Studio Sessions where producers and musicians meet to collab together on new projects in a very chill setting (our Chair installed LED lights in the music room!), while non-musicians can come by, sit back in the comfy couches and enjoy the music.

Once a year, the board also organizes the Release Party, an exciting event during which songs from campus artists are released and played by DJ’s in the bar! Organized for the first time in 2022, the event was a success and will be repeated in the years to come. You can reach out to us on both our Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as by email: ucubeats@ucsa.nl

Contact Us!

Email: ucubeats@ucsa.nl