UCU's very own Model United Nations Comittee

UCUMUN aims to prepare students for participating in MUN. We annually send our delegations to multiple conferences, both abroad and in the Netherlands.

Our goal as a committee is to go beyond the act of just attending conferences. We want the students who are involved with UCUMUN to develop and improve their skills in various areas, from public speaking to knowledge of history, current political issues and how institutions such as the UN work. This is achieved by organising training sessions and lectures where the students can prepare and gather skills which will be of use in debates, in the classroom and their future professional life. Furthermore, UCUMUN collaborates with UUMUN and other UCU committees as well to reach out to as many individuals who might be interested in MUN as possible and add a dose of interdisciplinarity to our activities. Contact person: Claudia Ionita (c.v.ionita@students.uu.nl)


Contact Us!

Email: ucumun@ucsa.nl