Wellbeing Team

The UCU Wellbeing Team is a team dedicated to improving student wellbeing at UCU. It is composed of a group of students who work, on a voluntary basis, to organise events which raise awareness concerning student wellbeing and mental health issues. They also provide information to fellow students about off-campus mental health resources.

The Wellbeing Team’s goals are achieved through various recurring or one-off events, workshops and guest lectures. For example, the team organises an annual Wellbeing Month on campus. As wellbeing is also about exercise and enjoyment, they also organise more active events such as group bike rides. Other events have included workshops such as”Fighting your inner-critic” and “Performing Under Pressure”; group reflections; and wellness evenings with guided meditation and yoga lessons, which happen on a more regular basis.

UCU Peer Support

Another major initiative of the Wellbeing Team is UCU Peer Support. It provides students with a low-threshold space to get any troubles off their chest in a confidential context. All peer supporters have also received training in active listening and non-violent communication. They are also informed about further resources available to students.

There are daily office hours, schedules for which can be found on the UCU Peer Support Facebook page. The Peer Support office is upstairs in Voltaire, G-side, accessible via the library.

Contact Us!

Email: wellbeingteamucu@gmail.com

Email: wellbeing.ps.ucu@gmail.com

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